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Smart Snap N Grip™

Smart Snap N Grip™

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You know it's annoying when your toolbox is full of French keys and when you need a specific one you can't find the right number.

The innovative Snap N Grip set consists of 2 universal keys that will save you time, money, space and fulfill all of your needs. It's the ideal tool for screwing, tightening or loosening all kinds of screws and bolts of all shapes.
The secret is the technology of automatic clamping that applies to the size and shape of screws and bolts, regardless of whether they are round, hexagons, squares or even tubes. The Snap N Grip keys are ideal for all plumbing work, necessary at home and in the car and without any doubt, they are the perfect tools for jobs in inaccessible locations.
  • 2 universal keys, adapts to all your needs.
  • Replace all German keys, the French keys, the guazotans and all the corresponding tools.
  • Its technology is based on the fact that pressure is applied at 3 points at the same time, giving a very tight, safe and stable tightening.


  • The Large head is designed for 23mm to 32mm sizes.
  • Mid head for sizes 15mm to 22mm
  • Small head for sizes 9mm to 14mm.

Package includes:

1 x Large Wrench:
Size: 23-32mm, Total length 280mm

1 x Small  Wrench:
Size: 9-22mm, Total length 215mm, Twin headed design


Note: Due to high amount of orders, please allow 2-4 weeks of delivery. Thank you for your patience :)

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